ZenAir Ultrasonic Diffuser


Ultrasonic aromatherapy, here we come!

This diffuser knows how to disperse your oils in a way that is simple, soothing, and smart! With no chemicals or heat needed!

  • Continuous Operation: Up to 3 hours

  • Intermittent Operation: Up to 6 hours

  • Light Mode: Rotating, solid color and off

  • Power: USB cord included

  •  Automatic Safety shut off

Contents: (1) ZenAir Diffuser

Dimensions: 4.75" high x 2.63" diameter

Suggested Room Size: 100 sq ft.

Water Capacity 70 ml (2.3 fl oz)

Power: USB Cord Included

Diffusing essential oils is a powerful, modern way to access the benefits of essential oils. 

In the past, people have found various ways to apply oils topically, mix them into perfume sachets and potpourris, and spray them about in perfume solutions—but only in the last little while has mankind learned how to diffuse essential oils. And boy does it make a difference!

Firstly, diffusing results in the inhalation of essential oils constituents and when you inhale essential oils, the constituents

  • Can more easily and quickly get to your brain and bloodstream and deliver their benefits
  • Support mental and emotional processes
  • Can more quickly and easily support your respiratory system
  • Are less likely to result in the skin contact problems that sometimes arise from topical application. 

Secondly, when you diffuse essential oils in the room, the oils can 

  • Linger in the air longer than they would with a spray
  • Support sleep (since you don’t have to be conscious to breathe in oils from a diffuser)
  • Help remove or override nasty odors in the room
  • Reach everyone within the diffusers range and promote a shared atmosphere (fun for a party, focus for the workplace, motivation in the gym, relaxation in the yoga studio, and more!)
  • Help kill bacteria in the room and purify the air