Our Story

Here at Oil Stuff, we’ve all been part of the essential oil industry for some time. And as we’ve gotten to know the industry and the people in it, we’ve found a great deal of kindness and curiosity.  But we’ve also noticed some stagnation. 


And the idea of stagnation in the industry is frustrating because—despite the general mid-20th century turn away from herbal remedies—more recent decades have increasingly revealed the vast potential behind essential oils and the plants that they come from.

But what is one to do with all of that potential? 

Let it sit there and only inch forward through  the scraps of research attention given to it by an often-indifferent medical community? 

Leave people to scratch their heads and flounder in a dearth of information over what their oils are actually good for? 

Allow decades’, centuries’, and even millennia’s worth of knowledge on medicinal plants, preserved and refined through traditions passed through dozens of generations, to go under-examined and under-appreciated? 


What if we fostered the community that continues to demand scientific research into old herbal remedies? What if instead we could build a site where essential oil lovers could come, learn, shop, and interact with each other? What if we could offer content that was both fun and factual and give essential-oil lovers a hub for all the accessories they can use to maximize their oil benefits? 

Progress, after all, is based on accurate information and a community’s ability to take that information, preserve, and build on it. 

And so, we present OilStuff.com! We hope you enjoy all the stuff and come often to learn and support the future of the essential oil industry!