2 oz Clear Plastic Bottle w/ White Fine Mist Top


Looking for the perfect spray bottle?

This clear plastic bottle and white mister top give you the perfect tool for dispensing your favorite liquid solutions on the go.

All our plastic products are made to be BPA, Phthalate free, and PET safe so you can use them to carry and dispense your diluted essential oil and blend solutions. And this product comes with a clear protective cap for your when you mister is not in use!

The simple design, strong plastic, and cap make this bottle the ideal container for all your hydrosols, spritzers, aromatherapy sprays, and more! And if you want an even smaller on-the-go bottle, we have a 1 oz bottle!

If you receive your package, and the dip tube on your bottle top seems too long, you can trim the tube to fit the size of the bottle — a lot of our tubes are made for several different bottle sizes. Try to cut the tube at a 45° angle to ensure proper function.

  • Content: (1) Clear Plastic Bottle w/ (1) White Spray Top  
  • Volume: 2 oz (60 ml)
  • Neck Size: 20-400 (20 mm)
  • Dimensions (no cap): 4.13 in (H) x 1.26 in (D)
  • Recommended Label: 2.48 in (H) x 3.70 in (W)
  • Directions:  Use a glass dropper or funnel to fill the bottle.  Insert the Sprayer and secure the lid.  Use the clear plastic lid to protect the sprayer. Label the bottle.