50 Ancient Remedies: A History of Essential Oils and Where They Come From


Discover the story behind what’s in your bottle! 

This historical reference covers fifty of your favorite essential oils sources—detailing each plant’s unique origins, historical uses, cultural and geographical expansion, modern usage, and more!

Each of these marvelous plants has taken a different path through herbal medicine to become an essential oil. And tracing the path of each one, through the lines of ancient texts, evolving traditions, historical upheavals, and the writings of acclaimed herbalists, is an incredible way to familiarize yourself with the character and legacy of each oil. 

Discover what different cultures and traditions of medicine have taught about these plants, including references to ancient Ayurvedic practices, traditional Chinese medicine, pre-colonial Native American medicine, traditional African medicine, and more!

  • Know the origins of your oils!
  • Discover the traditional medicinal uses for each plant
  • Learn their cultural, spiritual, and economic history 
  • Uncover the story behind their common and botanical names
  • Become acquainted with famous herbalists and famous herbalist texts!
  • Learn about the world events that have shaped the history of herbalism
  • Astound your friends with essential oil knowledge!