Top 5 Essential Oils to Help you Make and Keep Your 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

Top 5 Essential Oils to Help you Make and Keep Your 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

Top 5 Essential Oils to Help you Make and Keep Your 2021 New Year’s Resolutions


Aromatherapists and essential oil enthusiasts around the world know that your sense of smell can have a profound impact on the workings of your mind. 

And what better target for those brain-hacking essential oils than the process of making and keeping your 2021 New Year’s Resolutions?

Drawing up your 2021 New Year’s Resolutions is a task worthy of some serious sit-down-time and earnest consideration. And keeping those resolutions (maintaining your enthusiasm and momentum so that your resolutions don’t fizzle out by early February) is a challenge. 


Both deserve the support of aromatherapy. 

Oils to Help you Make Your Goals

Experienced New Year’s Resolutioners know that it takes more than saying “I want to accomplish X!” to make a goal work. There are goal-setting steps you will need to complete, and even feelings that you will need to confront, in order to make high-quality New Year’s Resolutions. 

We all face different, personal challenges in resolution-making. But whatever difficulties you face, you’re likely to find one of these essential oils useful.

1. Lavender Oil—Relax and Be Honest with Yourself

New Year’s Resolution-making shouldn’t be a tense experience filled with defensiveness or posturing. It should be an honest self-examination that leads to formulating worthy, but realistic goals. If you feel tense when sitting down to write your resolutions, we recommend using lavender oil to relax, get honest, and find the best resolutions for YOU.

2. Ginger Oil—Empowerment

Feeling a little sluggish? Hesitant? Or any other sort of way that is driving you towards passivity? New Year’s Resolution-time can be a little paralyzing, so we chose ginger oil, an emotionally invigorating oil to help you break the spell of passivity and boldly outline your resolutions! 2021, here we come! 

3. Lemon Oil—Creativity

New Year’s is a great time to begin using a new method to combat an old problem! But what if you are just plum out of ideas? In that case, we recommend the scent of lemon to help you wake up your mind and get creative in making your New Year’s resolutions!


Don’t know where to start? Check out the “Top 7 Categories to Consider for your New Year’s Resolutions”. 

Oils to Help you Keep Your Goals

What you need in order to keep going with your New Year’s Resolutions depends on the resolution in question and, of course, on your personal disposition. Here are a few ideas though, for some of the most common challenges. 


1. Peppermint Oil—Motivation

There’s nothing quite like the sharp scent of peppermint to help kick things into gear! Use peppermint oil to help you get going when the going gets hard, or even as a kind of a preparatory ritual to whatever kind of work your resolution requires. The longer you do it, the more you will train your brain and body to get to work at the smell of peppermint!

2. Geranium Oil—Reassurance

Failure is part of the learning process. But man does it hurt sometimes! When we encounter obstacles or run out of steam in pursuing our New Year’s resolutions, it can be disheartening. This is why it is nice to have Geranium Essential Oil on hand to help reassure us and remind us that just because we’ve fallen down—doesn’t mean we can’t get up and try again! 


We all want our dreams to come true. New Year’s Resolutions help us put our hands, minds, and feet to work in fulfilling those dreams. And essential oils help us get the nose involved as well!

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