5 Strategic Ways to Place EO Diffusers in Your Home

5 Strategic Ways to Place EO Diffusers in Your Home

5 Strategic Ways to Place EO Diffusers in Your Home

Some of us have one diffuser. Some of us have three. Some of us keep a little lemon oil on hand to spruce up the kitchen. And others have their own little library of essential oils ready to be used for a wide range of purposes. 

Whatever your essential oil resources, if you have a diffuser you probably want to see it go to good use. And that means more than simply plugging it into the nearest, easiest outlet. 

There are ways to strategically place your essential oils diffusers to enhance the goings-on at home. 

We’ll show you what we mean:

1. The Entryway

First impressions matter. And the nose is all about first impressions—especially when it comes to new environments. 

The first whiff of air a person takes when they enter your home sets the emotional tone and expectations for their experience there. 

Done right, an intermittent essential oil diffuser in your foyer will 1) welcome you home in a visceral way, prompting your body and brain to relax and enjoy the familiarity, comfort, and refuge of home and 2) tell newcomers that, whatever they have left behind in the outside world, your home is someplace different, where they will have a different experience. 

“The entrance way to your house sends a message to the world about who you are. And the front door provides energy flow and opportunity. You cannot limit that.”

-Chris Traeger “Parks and Recreation”

Now—exactly which oils you diffuse will depend on the effect you want to create. Should you use a bright citrus scent for fun and energy? A grounding, earthy scent for settling your mind? A beautiful floral scent that lifts your mood for family interactions? You decide! 

Just remember that in order to get the best results in helping yourself immediately connect with your home environment upon stepping across the threshold, you’ll want to use one distinctive scent or blend consistently. This is “scent training” your brain. 

As for greeting company, you may choose to stick with your classic “home” scent”, but for special occasions, you might change it up with wild orange for a birthday party, rosemary for a business meeting, or warm Christmas-reminiscent smells for a family gathering. 

Again, it’s up to you to decide how you will take advantage of the opportunity provided by the entryway to your house. 


2. Living Room

Smells are memories. And if you want the family memories created in your home to last—put on a diffuser!

Again, consistency in this case will be your friend. If family interactions, especially the good times like game nights, shared projects, and even just good conversation, are consistently paired with a distinctive scent, those memories will be stronger and last longer than they otherwise would. 

Not only will this help the family emotionally bond and get back in groove with each other after separations, but the scent may prove useful to you years down the line! The scent may become a lifelong friend to homesick, depressed, or grieving family members. 

But which scent is best for your living room? We recommend something pleasant and stimulating like geranium, grapefruit, or ginger. But it’s up to you!


3. Home Office

We all have days when our brains won’t cooperate. Thankfully, smell conditioning can help motivate and focus you!

Popular oils for focus and intellectual pursuits include rosemary, basil, lemon, and mint oils. But you’ll have to choose which one works best for you. 

You don’t have to diffuse the scent during your entire workday. In fact, it’s recommended that you don’t. But twenty or so minutes at the beginning of your workday, or just after your lunch break, will help you get in the “zone” and do your best work.


4. The Bathroom

There are two main reasons to use aromatherapy in the bathroom. 1) To combat the other, less pleasant smells that sometimes linger there and 2) to help you have a positive and regular hygiene/self-care routine. 

For combatting smells, lemon and thyme are popular choices. (Which you might also choose to employ in the kitchen.)

For grooming and hygiene routines, it’s best to get a little more personalized. 

Choose a pleasant scent that will help you have positive feelings about yourself as you look in the mirror. Enjoy the sensory intake of the smell to help you get through the sometimes tedious tasks of day-prep and bedtime-prep. And, if the oil you choose is pure and can be used to support skin health, all the better!

5. The Bedroom

When in the bedroom, are you looking to relax or lead things in a romantic direction? 

Fortunately, a diffuser can help with both! 

Turning on a diffuser with lavender, chamomile, or dill  (according to old Norse tradition) for about 30 minutes before bed may help you relax and sleep well. 

For romantic pursuits, traditional medicine would recommend coriander, celery seed, clary sage, ginger, or marjoram. 

And ylang-ylang has been used for either one!

Whatever your mood, aromatics can again be used to set the bedroom apart from other rooms and train your brain to make sleeping or love-making easier. 


It’s not just the scents themselves, but what you do with them that makes a difference. 

Strategic and intentional use of essential oils in the home can help you make the most out of your home environment. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to bring the nose on board in making this house a “home”.

And if you have more strategic uses for essential oil diffusers, let us know in the comments below!

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